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  • Bam- Car Bombing Nearly Kills Las Vegas Casino Executive

    Bam- Car Bombing Nearly Kills Las
    Vegas Casino Executive 

    Former Police Officer and Las Vegas Realtor, David Radcliffe brings you the full story.

    “Did it really happen at the Main Street Station? Was paying the check a reason a life was saved?”

    Undisclosed sources say “Ruby Goldstein’s life was spared that day because he was still inside paying the check.”

    Vegas Undercover- Frank Lawrence "Lefty" Rosenthal

    Vegas Undercover- Frank Lawrence “Lefty” Rosenthal

    Frank Lawrence “Lefty” Rosenthal a professional sports bettor, odds-maker, handicapper, former Las Vegas casino executive of the Stardust, Fremont, Marina and Hacienda casinos, and organized crime associate (Mobster) nearly died when an assassination attempt on his life caused his El Dorado Seville to blow up and send him flying across the parking lot.

    Lefty survived the October 1982 car bombing. Most people seem to think it happened at in the Main Street Station South parking lot, as it did on the 1995 Martin Scorsese film, Casino. But it actually happened a short distance away at Tony Roma’s Rib Restaurant.

    FBI agents were reportedly just across the street at Marie Calendars (enjoying banana cream pie- according to Julie Youngblood) and they completely missed the planting of the bomb on Lefty’s car.

    Lefty was later black booked from Las Vegas when it was found out that he was secretly running casinos without a Nevada gaming license, allegedly his “unsavory reputation as an organized crime associate” cause him to no longer be welcome in Vegas.



    Piero's Italian Cuisine

    Piero’s Italian Cuisine

    In 1982, that same year that Lefty nearly died,, the best Italian Restaurant in town, opened on Karen Avenue. It quickly became a hangout for Las Vegas wise guys, billionaires, locals and celebrities “like the Rat Pack, politicians, and some of those businessmen in the casino industry with Italian surnames, the “local color” guys.” Most people know that Piero’s moved to its current location at 355 Convention Center Drive, 5 years later, but few know that Chef Piero Broglia only lasted there 5 weeks. 5 weeks! Can you believe it?

    David Radcliffe knows more than just local history and Las Vegas Real Estate. In the next episode of Vegas Undercover he will take you to the most expensive shopping per square foot on the planet. Subscribe now and Tune in for our next episode of Vegas Undercover.

    Written by Nickel Lowman
    For Dave Radcliffe, The Radcliffe Group
    Keller Williams Realty Southwest

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