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    What is it going to take to Bring Back Solar to Nevada! It takes all of us! recently reported about A newly formed alliance has filed a referendum petition for the 2016 statewide ballot seeking to repeal new, devastating rates and charges imposed on Nevada solar net metering customers by the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC).” it is “supported by Nevada citizens, homeowners, businesses, and not-for-profits, working together to bring back Nevada solar, clean energy jobs, and energy choice.” You too can be a part of bringing Solar Back to Nevada. Sign the Solar Petition and help put rooftop solar back on the ballot in Nevada

    The Solar Fight from SolarCity Ops on Vimeo.

    The Radcliffe Group is passionate about keeping you informed and about Solar Power in Nevada.

    The Radcliffe Group recently shared the below blog and video to help shed some light on what is going on with solar power in Nevada and how it is affecting homeowners.


    As quoted from NV Energy Website

    “Thinking of installing solar for your home or business? NV Energy welcomes your interest in customer-generated electricity also called distributed generation. We want to help reduce your energy bill — and your carbon footprint — with solar and renewable energy.”

    NV Energy welcomes interest in consumer- generated electricity? NO , Really… They welcome your money!

    Politics and Solar Power Are Costing You More!

    With the recent December 22nd Public Utilities Commission (PUC) decision and the signing of Senate Bill No. 374 it will actually cost solar customers more for electricity than those customers without solar!  In our recent blog, Politics and Solar Power are Costing You More, we gave you some stats and some recommendations to follow the money! Who owns the sun? Buffet does! And it’s not right!

    What will the Residential Renewable Tax Credit offered by the Government do for you? Likely not enough to see a big benefit. A recent Las Vegas Sun article points out homeowners will never be able to recuperate the cost of the solar panels saying “Our system will never pay for itself.” The bait and switch is especially tough on homeowners who purchased solar before the PUC decision and rate increase. These Net Metered Customers (NEM Customers) are outraged and so are we!

    Thomas Edison once said… “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” Well Tom, we may have to, if politicians don’t get out of the way!

    Who is this good for?

    Is this good for the PUC? Their friends? Their bottom line? NV Energy? I can tell you, it’s NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

    You Can Do Something!

    I encourage you to call the Governor! Call the PUC! You can do something!

    Don’t stand silent, make your voices heard?

    Give me a call 702-379-3401 I would love to hear your thoughts!

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    Written by Nickel Lowman

    For Dave Radcliffe, The Radcliffe Group

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