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  • Henderson- Las Vegas Nevada ordinance requires banks to maintain foreclosed homes- It’s about time!

    The City of Henderson is cracking down on deadbeat owners/banks and working to keep our neighborhoods looking beautiful and retaining our property values. Failure to comply could be costly!

    Henderson- Las Vegas Nevada ordinance requires banks to maintain foreclosed homes– It’s about time!

    News now, recently reported on a decision that was made earlier this year by the City Council of Henderson. They passed the “Abandoned Residential Real Property Registry Ordinance” (Ordinance No. 3121) requiring the registration of abandoned residential property and those in danger of becoming abandoned. “The Ordinance was established to reduce and prevent neighborhood blight, to mitigate conditions that threaten the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and to promote neighborhood stability.”

    The City of Henderson has retained a company, Applied Analysis, to help implement and maintain a foreclosure registry called There is a registration fee in the amount of $200.00 to be paid at the time of registration, and an annual renewal in the amount of $200.00 every year thereafter if a property still meets registration requirements. The ordinance requires registration for abandoned or soon to be abandoned properties.

    So you might be wondering, How does it work? Property inspection will take place within 30 calendar days after filing a notice of default or being notified that a property may be abandoned or in danger of becoming abandoned. It is required that a Property registration and designation of a property manager take place within 10 days of the inspection. It is required that landscaping visible from the public right-of-way shall be maintained pursuant to the minimum property maintenance requirements required by the City and pools and spas must be kept in working order so the water remains clear and free of pollutants and debris or drained and kept dry. The City wants to make sure homes are properly secured and that the property shall be maintained in a secure manner to prevent accessibility to unauthorized persons. Doors, windows, gates and other openings that make the property accessible must be closed and locked.

    So now that you know how it works you might be wondering what you can do to help move the process along? Simply stated, you can report vacant foreclosures in your Henderson neighborhood. If you believe that there is a vacant foreclosure in your neighborhood that is either unregistered or the owner of a foreclosed vacant property is failing to properly maintain the property, send an email to You can also contact Applied Analysis directly at: Property Compliance Notices, 6385 South Rainbow Blvd.. Las Vegas, Nevada 89118 Telephone: 702.818.8880.

    Failure to comply could be costly for the owner if the City of Henderson Code Enforcement determines that a lender has failed to register the property (and they will), a City of Henderson officer or employee may issue a notice, violation, and/or citation as necessary. Administrative fines and fees can really add up since they are assed at a rate of $150.00 per day, and criminal misdemeanor citations and other civil actions may be issued for failure to comply with the ordinance.

    It’s time to take our neighborhoods back and keep our property values up. The City of Henderson is doing just that! Search for your next Henderson Home Here.

    Written by Nickel Lowman

    Content quoted from

    The Radcliffe Group

    Keller Williams Realty Southwest Las Vegas



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    Property abandoned in Las Vgeas and Henderson

    Henderson Las Vegas Abandoned Property Ordinance is now in effect

    One response to “Henderson- Las Vegas Nevada ordinance requires banks to maintain foreclosed homes- It’s about time!”

    1. Brian says:

      I think this is crazy.
      Someone gets a loan, doesn’t make payments for a year or two before they get kicked out, then not only does the bank lose all those payments, they have to be responsible for the house?
      The bank loaned you money for the house of your dream, it wasn’t the banks dream house.
      Can we do this with cars too?
      Banks are in business to make money and the government imposing more bs regulation on them is going to cost someone money down the road.
      If I remember right it was the government that forced banks to make loans easier for low income minority that started all this crap (look up Barney Frank during the Clinton years)

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