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  • Real Estate Blues Got You Down?

    Real Estate Blues

    Stop signing the real estate blues!

    There are lots of reasons why real estate may have you singing the blues! Maybe it’s the 1% Agent Blues? Maybe it’s Trulia and Zillow that have got you down? Maybe it’s that you don’t have the right agent working for you or you’ve decided to go it alone? Scared of commissions? At the Radcliffe Group, we can make those real estate blues go away!

    6 signs you need a Top Realtor working for you

    1. You hired a real estate agent for 1% and no one is showing your home

    You’ve Got the Blues: Often hiring a discount brokerage means you receive discount services. Discount brokerages often short change you on marketing your home properly, listing your home in the MLS and netting you the most possible when it comes time to sell. A discount brokerage means you do a lot of the work yourself or miss out. A discount brokerage will discount their prices because they often lack training, education, technology knowledge and are lacking in brokerage support or are not capable of negotiating in your best interest. After all, they allowed you to negotiate them out of a commission. Is that really who you want negotiating on your behalf?

    Solution: Dave Radcliffe and his team have an extensive marketing, social media, MLS and network of professionals and Realtors focused on getting your home sold for the highest price in today’s market. After 27 years in the business, Dave’s experience and connections makes all the difference. Out of more than 10,000 real estate agents in the greater Las Vegas and Clark County area, Dave Radcliffe ranks among the Top 1% of Realtors as number 101 during the second quarter of 2015. Dave Radcliffe ranked number 1 in 2014 as the top producing individual out of 172 Realtor-Agents in his office.


    1. You are searching for homes on (or other site) and find the homes are gone before you can see them

    You’ve Got the Blues: Searching on random real estate websites can be confusing, and since the data is generated from Realtors entering the home in the MLS first, updates can take as long as 2-72 hours before a site like Trulia gets updated. And 3rd party sites like Trulia sell your contact information: address, phone number and email to agents so you end up swamped with junk mail, spam and unsolicited phone calls. Because over 50 million consumers visit Trulia each month, they sell your info and jeopardize your privacy.

    Solution: Making sure you are working with a qualified Top Producing Realtor® and his team, like Dave Radcliffe, assures you get the most up to date information possible and in live time. Dave can set you up with instant updates so as new information or new listings hit the market, you see them as soon as your Realtor® does and long before other sites like Trulia or Zillow. The Radcliffe Group would never sell your information; we work with you directly, your information stays private.

    1. Zillow has you home valued 8-20% less than current Market Value

    You’ve Got the Blues: “Automated valuation models are based on mathematical assumptions and are not able to consider special factors that may make your home more valuable.” Special features like pools, upgrades, casitas, room additions, and etcetera may not be factored in.

    Zillow has a “median error rate of 8%, which means 50% of the Zestimates in an area are closer than the error percentage and 50% are farther off.” And that means only 50% of the time. I’ve seen reports that show they are off 8-20% consistently. This means that on a $300,000 property, the price has a 95% probability of being between $277,500 and $322,500. That’s a $45,000 range or in other words, a $45,000 error!

    And their site only updates “automatically computed 3 times per week!”

    Solution: A true and accurate home evaluation needs to be figured by and experienced Realtor®. On a $300,000 listing, most competent agents, like Dave Radcliffe and his team, can predict the price within $5,000-$10,000. We know the current market, review a comparative market analysis (with you) before we list your home, and update you with statistics when your home is listed for sale with us. We regularly send out market updates through video blogs for the greater Las Vegas area, Centennial Hills, Summerlin and Sky Canyon areas to keep you informed and knowledgeable on the market conditions.


    1. You’ve been driving around and still can’t find what you want in a new home

    You’ve Got the Blues: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what you want my just seeing the outside of a home. You never know condition or details until you do more research.

    Solution: We sit down with you, complete a needs analysis and dream overview and then we do the research for you and make sure you only see homes that fit your unique criteria saving you valuable time and money. This assures you don’t miss the right home when it hits the market. National Association of Realtor® statistics show 89% of home buyers use a qualified Realtor® while only 51% rely on a yard sign, 45% on a website or mobile app, 45% visit open houses, 42% use a search engine and 23% look for print media. Your Realtor® is your best bet!

    1. You decided to sell it yourself (FSBO) and have no idea how to protect yourself contractually or legally

    You’ve Got the Blues: The National Association of Realtors reports that most sellers that sold privately (without a Realtor®) said the most difficult tasks for them was: Understanding and performing paperwork: 18%, Getting the right price: 13%, Preparing/fixing up home for sale: 12%, Helping buyer obtain financing: 3%, Attracting potential buyers: 3%, Selling within the planned length of time: 7%, Having enough time to devote to all aspects of the sale: 6%

    Selling by yourself is complicated and you are taking a big risk. That’s why less than 18% of home sellers try to do it on their own. Only half of the home sellers who try to sell themselves actually sell their home on their own.

    Solution:88% of sellers were assisted by a real estate agents when selling their home. Recent sellers typically sold their homes for 97% of the listing price” when listed with an agent, netting a higher value than when they sold on their own. The Radcliffe Group is here to help you net the highest value possible and will often even push values, fight and report low appraisals to help you get the highest ROI on your Las Vegas home when for sale. When you have an agent, you have someone working for you!

    1. You think saving a commission will save you money

    You’ve Got the Blues: It may cost you more to sell yourself. According to the Nar Home Buyer and Seller Report, statistics show saving a commission often causes you to lose money on the home selling price. The median selling price of a home sold by owner was 15.4% less than agent-assisted transactions*. That means in most cases, agents pay their own commissions, and sellers still receive more money than if they had done all the work themselves. So typically with an agent, you net more money and free yourself from all the paper, details and legalities involved throughout the process.

    Solution: FSBOs accounted for 9% of home sales in 2013. The typical FSBO home sold for $184,000 compared to $230,000 for agent-assisted home sales. That means a Realtor like Dave can help you net more, there was nearly a $46,000 price difference/increase for homes when sold by an agent. When you factor in commissions you still save!

    As a retired police officer, Dave is passionate about giving back to the service community and dedicates much of his time giving and supporting the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Firefighters and Military at Nellis Air Force Base. Military, Fire and Law enforcement never pay a full commission when they work with the Radcliffe Group, so be sure to inquire with Dave and his team if you are military, law enforcement or in fire and rescue.

    Forget about the Real Estate Blue and call The Radcliffe Group, they can assist you in your Las Vegas move, PCS or relocation, New Home Construction purchase, Condo and Luxury Home purchase. Specializing in helping Las Vegas and North Las Vegas homeowners sell their home for the highest market value, Dave and his team will help you yield your highest profit. Call 702-379-3401 when it is time to sell your Las Vegas, Summerlin, Centennial Hills or North Las Vegas Home.

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